Top Run Scoring Batsman T20 World Cup 2016

T20 World Cup 2016 is just started in India from 8th March 2016 and qualifying round is going on. Out of 8 qualifying teams only 2 teams will get entry to the tournament. Then from 15th March main matches will  start and on 4th April we will have the grand finale.

As we know T20 Cricket matches are the game of batsman, sixes and fours will never stops there. Runs will raining all over the ground. So here is the list of batsman who are scoring runs and shortlisted according to the maximum runs scored by the player.

Now the players which are playing qualifying matches are only included as soon as main matches will start we will included them to the list. In this table we have include top batsman with their run scored so far , their average, their highest individual score, their Strike rate etc.

Check Leading run scorer of T20 World Cup 2016 here.

You can check points table here.


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